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This was the most extreme period of my life it lasted 2 years 1995 and 1996 took place in the USA and Canada
I stopped logging my jumps at 1500 and later I ended  up in the hospital...........(BIG TIME)

14,000 Feet Hanging out Exit Porter 12,000 FT Exit Cesna182 10FT
SkySurfHighJump.jpg (32533 bytes) SkySurf182.jpg (18376 bytes) SkySurf183.jpg (17273 bytes)


After a good Day Stand Up Flying Head Down Flying
ParaNightLanding.jpg (11935 bytes) SkyStandUp.jpg (9235 bytes) SkyHeadDown.jpg (8518 bytes)
Tandem Jump with little siter Serious business Exit
TandemIng.jpg (15135 bytes) TandemAtWork.jpg (17180 bytes) TandemExit.jpg (12523 bytes)


Hung over Alone obove clouds Antena.... Florida
BaloonJump.jpg (19825 bytes) LonelyAboveClouds.jpg (15214 bytes) BaseAntena.jpg (17217 bytes)


Base jump....Lions Gate...Vancouver...250Ft........

Quincy, Illinois

BaseLionsGate.jpg (28196 bytes)

herewego.jpg (5575 bytes)

ParaAccident.jpg (37344 bytes)
It Hurts like hell, Got to keep a positive outlook